Science on God: Inference to Any Other Explanation the Best


Men like Stephen Hawking have helped introduce us to Science all over again and men like Richard Dawkins have helped us learn to appreciate its grandness and wonder anew.  They’ve taught us to embrace skepticism in our pursuit of truth and question everything (except Evolution, of course) on this road of scientific inquiry.  And whenever the clear path of evidence and logic is obstructed, imagination (as long as it’s not religious) will do.

How and when did the universe begin?

Answer: “The Big Bang” (at one time espoused by Stephen Hawking and the scientific community)

Hawking et al realize The Big Bang theory supports a theistic view of cosmology (in other words, it looks like God was the Big One behind the Bang)

Answer: Multiverse (basically our universe is just one out of a possibly infinite number of alternate universes)

Multiverse is criticized as an unsupported hypothesis which contradicts Occam’s razor (furthermore, it doesn’t explain the origin of multiple universes, much less one)

Answer: Sticking with Multiverse

Intelligent Design proposed as alternate theory to account for the universe’s complexity and apparent design

Answer: Religiously-infused science fiction

ID gains traction (through “fine-tuning” and DNA) and even non-religious scientists begin supporting it as a plausible theory

Answer: They’re scientists of little repute and small in number

Intellectual heavy-weights like former atheist Antony Flew also support ID (in 2004)

Answer: dementia

The questions continue…how did living, reproducing organisms develop from non-living matter? (In other words, how did mama rock and papa rock make a bacteria baby?)

Answer: Spontaneous creation

This shown to contradict the fundamental laws of science and fail to qualify as even rational conjecture…metaphysical hypothesis more plausible in comparison

Answer: God of the gaps

As we continue on this eventful and increasingly imaginative journey to discover the answers to the questions that face us all–why we exist, why the universe exists–we will stay true to the evidence and follow wherever it leads.  Unless it’s to God, obviously.


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